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Center of Agile Advanced Masterclass

“Expert” agile practitioners have mastered the practices - but not why they work, how to adjust practices to situations, how to approach new and surprising situations, not how to apply agile practices to non-software projects, how to incorporate ...


The Center of Agile

An exciting, informative day for all roles and at all levels, learning the Center of Agile from one of the creators of the Agile movement. Set your organization’s expectations for agile adoption, create a shared experience for everyone to refer back to, ask difficult questions of one of the founders of the movement.


Public Agile Marketing course

Welcome to 2 days of workshop-style training in which participants learn the concepts and practices that support an effective Agile marketing program. Adaptive Agile Marketing Course teaches you the basics of agile marketing for digital marketing channels.


Agile Advanced Masterclass

Modern “expert” agile practitioners have mastered the practices – but not why they work, not how to adjust practices to situations. This advanced course from industry guru Dr. Alistair Cockburn addresses those areas.


Writing Effective Use Cases course

Most people who take the course comment on how it is much more than “writing use cases.” It challenges them to think through the what gets said by others and what they themselves mean — to develop, as one person commented, good “habits of mind.”


Fundamentals of Agile Development public course

Attend this course to understand what is agile and what isn’t agile development; to develop a feeling for how teamwork, communication, frequent customer interaction and frequent delivery affect your project; to understand Scrum and the role of the ScrumMaster; to gather a few techniques ...


Public Product Owner Class

The role of the product manager has been underrated by the agile community for years. Finally, some coherent techniques are appearing, from the product development mission statement to rapid stakeholder analysis to agile use case writing, story mapping and feature thinning.


Crystal Clear full-day tutorial

Crystal, one of the founding agile methodologies, is a “family” of methodologies connected by a common for different types of project teams. Crystal Clear is the lightest, intended for a team of 3-8 people ...


Software engineering in the 21st century

The course is aimed at 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates in Information Science, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Informatics, or Software Engineering majors, as well as professional software developers studying on their own.