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Project Description

The Agile Marketing Course

Learn agile marketing from the world’s top agile and online marketing experts!

Agile Marketing is one of the hottest industry trends in 2013. But there’s more to Agile Marketing than Sprints, Backlogs, and Standup Meetings. An effective Agile approach helps marketers to better collaborate, focus on the needs of the customer, and steer campaigns while they are running to increase conversion rates. Welcome to two days of workshop-style training in which participants learn the concepts and practices that support an effective Agile marketing program. Adaptive Agile Marketing Course teaches you the basics of agile marketing for integrated, connected, and digital marketing channels.

Course Goal for Attendees:

At the end of this course, you leave understanding
• what Adaptive Agile Marketing is and why it trumps other marketing management strategies
• how to successfully increase the agility of existing marketing campaigns.
• the specific, cyclical steps a marketing department needs to implement for marketing agility
• how to collaborate with your customer in a way that generates profits faster
• how to improve the execution of marketing campaigns by using agile techniques – Agile principles, Scrum, Backlogs, etc
• the importance of mid-campaign modifications and end of campaign reflection

Intended Audience:

Any Marketing team member or Product team member. Attendees should have a basic understanding of marketing campaign creation. No understanding of agile techniques is required.


Dr. Alistair Cockburn co-authored both the Agile Manifesto and later the Declaration of Interdependence. He created the Agile Development Conference in 2003 and served as a board member of both the AgileAlliance and the Agile Project Leadership Network. He received three Jolt awards for his books on agile development and use cases. Dr. Cockburn is known for his expertise on many aspects of software development, his insightful views of software development and his lively classes. Much of his material is on the web right here – just fish around and find it!

Internationally recognized online marketing guru Ghennipher Weeks has been working jointly with marketing and IT departments since the late 1990s increasing conversion rates for happy clients such as online revenue for Philips, Wells Fargo, The Women’s Information Network, The Allegis Group, TotalGym,, TigerDirect, LeoSchachter Diamonds, and others. She excels in formulating SEO, conversion, social marketing, and value-creation strategies. Ms. Weeks says, “Integrated marketing strategies are more effective, but much more difficult. Agility in execution requires measurement, accountability, and an unwavering customer focus to deliver value that makes both customers and business stakeholders happy. This raises customer, as well as shareholder value, or in relevant corporate terms: increases profits.”

Ghennipher is a brilliant online marketing strategist, with a full complement of highly developed skills in SEO, social business, measurement, and creative program design. She is bright, hard working, and able to motivate those around her to perform at their best. I have worked with Ghennipher on several projects and would jump at the opportunity to do so again.

Joel Postman, Content Development Manager at Cisco Systems
Pricing Refund Policies
$1,100 per person.
10% discount for non-profits and government agencies
15% discount for 3+ people from the same company
  • Full refund if canceled 2 weeks before the course.
  • 50% refund if canceled 2 – 1 week before the course.
  • No refund if canceled after that.
  • Full refund if course canceled by the instructor for any reason.

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