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1912, 2017

Interview with Alistair 2017 for 1st Conference video

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It’s coming out in installments:


and the whole thing in one piece:

2711, 2017

Pin the earring on the Alistair game

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Which is cheaper, waterfall or agile?

Briefly speaking, waterfall is a cost-optimizing strategy, agile is a time- and value-optimizing strategy. So, when it works, waterfall should be cheaper and agile faster. (ref: all the rework in agile).

But there is the cost of mistakes. In agile, incremental development causes constant rework. In waterfall, you don’t detect certain category of mistakes […]

2409, 2017

Hexagonal Architecture FAQ

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These questions came from Stéfane Wojewoda at InfoQ in France. They are great questions, so I make the answers available here:


From the interviewer :

Alistair in the Hexagone

(note: “Hexagone” is a French word-play, the reference to the Hexagonal Architecture (discussion: Re: Hexagonal architecture) and also to the shape of France, roughly hexagonal, and hence sometimes […]

709, 2017

Creation of the first agile development conference in 2003

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Jim Highsmith and I decided in autumn 2001 to create an agile conference for all roles, all methodologies (“big tent”). At the time, there was only the annual XP conference, which was programmer-centric, XP-only. We set June 2003, Salt Lake City, as the date and place.

Todd Little offered to help us shortly thereafter, and was instrumental in making the 2003 […]

1708, 2017

Origin of the term Information Radiator

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In 2000 I tumbled onto the idea that information flows through organizations in the same way as convection currents of air (see the Harnessing Convection Currents of Information OOPSLA 2001 ppt pdf (discussion: Re: Harnessing Convection Currents of Information OOPSLA 2001 ppt pdf) talk).

I used to diagnose organizations and simply stand there and imagine all the […]

1108, 2017

Interview with Alistair 2017 by Howard Sublett for SolutionsIQ

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Howard’s Introduction to the podcast interview: “The “enigma wrapped in a puzzle” Alistair Cockburn has an interesting story: signatory of the Agile Manifesto, author of two pivotal books “Writing Effective Use Cases” and “Agile Software Development,” and founder of the Agile software development conference in 2003 along with the more recent “Heart of Agile” conference. This last, “Heart of Agile,” […]

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